Strategic Partnerships

Effective and highly regarded by those who use them, your excellent programs and experiences may have limited reach and collective impact. Awareness and momentum are needed for your signature approach to take hold, but that requires resources the institution might not have. This is where your natural partners come in.

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Case Study: Image shift and strategic partnerships

For a new $50M facility, that was created to bridge public understanding of historic and controversial leader, and was encountering image problems, low public acceptance, and a major attendance and budget shortfall: Created public relations-driven visibility, managed initial press contact with media-shy organization, built partnerships with established neighboring attractions, created events such as a children’s Letters-to-the-President drive in election year that brought families to the facility.

Result: Doubled market visibility with overwhelmingly positive message, building community good will and engagement with the institution and increased attendance 21%.

California Science Center
The Lawrence Hall of Science
San Francisco Exploratorium
Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History