To be regarded as uniquely relevant and valuable in the marketplace and to maximize revenue and influence, your institution must get the most from its marketing dollars. This is the product of a holistic approach to audience. Gardella & Associates will help you jumpstart a process that quickly will achieve new levels of support for the organization.

One issue shows up regularly to interfere with the institution’s present success and its trajectory into a thriving future. Take a moment on the G&A home page to tell us about it and we will respond with an idea that may clear the way.


Case Study: Market Relevance Reboot

In the early stages of a capital campaign, an educational institution found that among its primary audiences it had a vague image, and lukewarm engagement and intent to support. G&A conducted a two-day audit of approaching program opportunities, market data and performance, and main message.

Result: A detailed six month plan to refresh and lift the organization’s image, update its understanding of primary audiences, renew its relevance to those supporters, and engage them in a meaningful relationship that would enhance the campaign and benefit the institution long term. The plan was created around use of existing staff, budgets and program direction.

California Science Center
The Lawrence Hall of Science
San Francisco Exploratorium
Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History