Communications Strategy

There are many stories to share about your organization, and now so many channels to share them on. But key stakeholders still say, “I didn’t know you XYZ.”  A glut of messages – some of them are even yours – now inundate these people on whom your future rests. Yet a crucial part of your message never surfaced. We can remedy that with a refresh of your institution’s brand promise and communication strategy that will significantly increase its voice and relevance.

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Case Study: Opening Campaign

A new museum in south-central LA, opening the first of four phases of the $600M campus that depended on success of the initial stage for funding: Created core brand strategy and message for the opening campaign, which was public relations-driven. Activated static media relationships and researched and created a platform of clear brand message and compelling stories.

Result: Media saturation of the LA market that successfully repositioned the museum as a must-see destination, drove attendance 43% above first year projections, and helped attract nationally prominent philanthropists to the institution’s governing boards. Momentum from the opening success propelled a fast start for the project’s second stage.

California Science Center
The Lawrence Hall of Science
San Francisco Exploratorium
Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History