Branding & Positioning

Yours is an organization dedicated to a unique vision. It creates quality experiences that deliver on a specific commitment to education. However, your communities  — the potential funders, donors, visitors, even educators and other users on whom you rely — see the institution’s work and results as not all that different from the rest of the field. Real understanding of your organization’s core promise may be lacking, if not absent, and support will follow suit.

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Case Study: Brand Strategy & Rollout Plan

Possessing a relatively low profile in a highly competitive market, a museum was undertaking a major revenue building effort to improve its facility. Across the main iterations of its programs and educational materials, isolated the product attributes most valued by the institution’s primary audiences and supporters. Created brand statement that reflected those distinctions. Identified major opportunities to launch the brand promise and optimize community support.

Result: Brand positioning and expression that highlights the institution’s unique deliverable and that resonates with target audiences, internal and external. Leadership obtained a powerful and strategic fundraising and revenue-building tool, which set the organization apart and provided a communications core for all. Created plan outlining opportunities to launch the brand promise through programs already in development.

California Science Center
The Lawrence Hall of Science
San Francisco Exploratorium
Smithsonian: National Museum of Natural History